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ELD Technology and

GPS Systems 

That You Can Control

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ELD Technology at Your Fingertips

ELD LOGBOOK electronic logs, vehicle inspections and IFTA


ELD Logbook  is a powerful but easy to use tablet-based service certified with US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Regulations for electronic driving and vehicle inspection logs have become commonplace to ensure the veracity of driver tablet input and ensured compliance with regulations. ELD Logbook  is compliant with federal and state regulations as well as Canadian regulations.


A key differentiator for ELD Logbook  is the ability to support numerous Android tablet brands. An owner-operator, for example, can purchase an inexpensive Android tablet or use his/her smartphone and be fully compliant using ELD Logbook. In addition, several ELD hardware brands are supported.  Most other Hours of Service vendors require the customer to purchase custom hardware which is expensive and difficult to upgrade. ELD Logbook  provides total flexibility for hardware selection and monetary investment.

Other differentiators include:


  • Enhanced and Customized Inspections

  • Unlike other providers, out portal’s log grid clearly shows violations

  • Slip Seat and Team Driving

  • Offline support – disconnected operation

  • Automatic retry for loss of connectivity with the eld device.

  • Two-way integration of portal edits with the device including full edit logging

  • Fully integrated portal backend for driver dashboard at home office, feature rich, fully synchronized with tablet and all HOS product options.

  • Ability to control tablet settings from the portal, such as disabling driver log edits on the tablet by the driver

  • Ability to filter log edit reports on portal by consistent codes from a drop down menu—not available on other products which only support free-form entries of reasons for an edit which are difficult to sort by and track

  • Easy to use, minimal training required, on-screen documentation to minimize errors and support costs

  • Easy to use administration tools for account, vehicle and driver management

  • IFTA

  • Mobile Worker – mobile work orders and job assignments


400+ supported trackers

ISPP GPS SERVER supports dedicated GPS tracking devices, Windows laptops, Android, iPhone and smart phones. This makes the future of the platform of proof, flexible and suitable for large implementations with several types of devices.

ISPP GPS SERVER is a future tracking platform with evidence of a rich set of features to meet common tracking requirements. The modularity and configurability options make ISPP GPS SERVER an ideal platform for growth and business evolution. To simplify the deployment and management of installations ISPP GPS SERVER includes pre-configured application templates that can be customized to suit your specific purpose.


Solution modules
  • Driver Journal

  • ECO driving

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Vehicle Maintenance

Tracking Feature
  • Area Search

  • Camera

  • Cell ID

  • Driver ID

  • Geofences

  • Jobs & Dispatch

  • Map Measure Tool

  • Points of Interest

  • Real Time Tracking

  • Signal Graphs

  • Time on Site measurement

  • time spent at points of interest

  • Track History management

  • Track Replay

Notifications Feature
  • Alarms Show alarms in user interface in real time

  • Dashboards Realtime dashboards with fleet statistics

      Delayed Event Rules

  • Event Rules Create rules that trigger events

  • Time scheduled Event Rules

  • Email Notifications

  • SMS Notifications

Reporting & Data export/import
  • ArcGIS Integration

  • Points of Interest import

  • Reporting Over 20 reports are included and you can create

  • Track export

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Each company has its own specific needs and ideas about their ways of using today's technology. Let us evaluate with you your needs.

All our products are scalable. From 1 to 1000 trucks. Minimum investment. Quickly functional. 

Personalize Your Experience

No matter where you are, you have access to all of our software. Accessible via web. No installation needed on your computers.

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